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Choosing cloth for your hard cover book

Choosing cloth for your hard cover book

Cloth cover binding was not readily accepted at first in the early 19th century but by the end of the century it became the norm.

When designing your hard cover book overseas a lot of US client’s choose their fabrics, paper and leatherette’s from US cloth and paper manufacturers.  Working with an overseas printing manufactures they do not have access to the American swatch book numbers.  That is where PRC Book Printing outstanding services comes into play to assist our clients on the many cover options to choose from.  We will hunt down the exact fabric or extremely close too, the fabric you are choosing for your cover design/material.

Now onto the different fabric options to incorporate into your book design: silk, woven fabric, non-woven, coarse, pure and natural linen cloths, cotton, rayon, several textured cloths, all these have several color options to choose.

Majority of cloth cover books have foil stamping, embossing, de-bossing, blind embossing, but I think a lot of people tend to forget you can print on certain fabrics too.  When printing on the fabrics it gives a unique style to the book. There are different grades of fabric.  When quoting with PRC Book Printing you can request, standard, mid-grade or high-grade cloth.  We will send you examples of the different cloth grades and color options for you to review and approve.

People tend to produce their hard cover book printing in China, because the pricing is extremely low which provides the client with more options to save costs.  We are American based so we will provide you with the many options first hand and not sway you in the direction of “you get what you pay for”.  In assents, we are working for you to make sure you get a product that you are very happy with. Check out our samples on our hardcover book printing china Page!

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Saving money with PRC Book Printing requiring hand work book production

Saving money with PRC Book Printing

Requiring hand work book production

How can you save money when your book production is requiring specialty hand work needs? What is the term “hand work” in reference to book binding?  Hand work means that human hands are need to complete a project, in other words, the work could not be finished by a machine.  The hand work needs in book finishing  may refer to packaging, die-cutting, shrink wrapping…Generally when human hands are required for a book project it will take longer and workers will need to be compensated, so it’s natural for the cost of the book will increase costs.

Usually, this type of specialty (manual work) is in children’s book printing.  Board book printing is the highest requirement in hand work requests.  Publishers request die-cut the book into a shape, a lift-the-flap books, insert of fuzzy, slick, rough material describing the story line.  These are examples of hand work projects.

A popular book “What Time is It” by Learning Wood, LLC, the wooden clock is inserted into the board book with an added feature is the plastic moveable hour and minute hands this is a prime example of hand work construction.  This is a great learning tool for the little clock learners.

Embossing on a hard cover book printing, children book printing, perfect bound book printing is also considered a hand work assembly.

Having these special novelties added to your book will require the manual labor; this is where PRC Book Printing can offer you competitive pricing printing from China is where you will see these hand work requirements affordable.

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China Fall Holidays Approaching-Expect delays in Production

China Fall Holidays – Expect delays in Production

As the US Fall season approaches our friends in China will be celebrating their Fall Holidays.  Expect delays in production and shipping add these closure dates to your schedule.

Mid-Autumn Festival holiday   September 19 – 22nd (Thursday – Sunday)-This holiday is also known as the Moon Festival.  This is an outdoor reunion with friends and family, eating moon cake and watching the moon.  This celebration is a symbol of harmony and unity.

National Day Golden Week       October 1 – 7th (Tuesday – Monday)-This holiday is celebrated through traveling to visit long distance relatives.  An estimated in 2007 120 million people in China traveled during this holiday.

This is a short and sweet blog; wanting to acknowledge to all our clients along with publishers seeking quick turn-around for book printing to be aware.  These holidays will affect delays in printing, binding and of course shipping.  When all is back in China from these holidays, all print production is backed up.  PRC Book Printing will do our best to reschedule your production schedule and remind you of these delays to provide you with accurate manufacturing schedules.

See our 2013-early 2014 China Holiday Blog to pencil into your book printing production project!

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Do people still need printed calendars?

Do people still need printed calendars?

The wall/pocket calendar is still a popular asset to planning your agendas, counting down the days before that holiday with the family or final days until beach time!  People state they love their digital calendars, but really what would happen if you can’t view due to a virus on the computer or your phone battery runs out and you’re unable to check that important appointment?  This is why there is still a desire for print calendars.  Calendars are affordable way to spruce up your home or officewith the different photographs and it’s always in front of you.

There are many ways of binding your calendar project.  You can produce a monthly wall calendar, a pocket calendar (great to throw in a handbag), desk top calendar flipping each month, spiral bound calendar and much more!

What a better way for advertising than by printing a calendar with your business logo to give to your clients and have your contact information everyday in their face, to provide new or continued business.

For fun how do other countries spell calendar: Sweden, Germany& Dutch: kalendar, Poland: kalendarz ,Spain: calendario, Italy: calendario, France:calendrier however you spell it we can produce several types of calendars in any language!

PRC Book Printing produces wall calendars, desk calendars, engagement books, large-format pieces with rich photography, monthly and daily varieties, large office desktop pads, organizer inserts and other styles and formats. Shrink wrap to seal the yearly treasure!

Calendar printing overseas can offer competitive pricing for four color printing with excellent print quality!  Why settle for “good” when “FANTASTIC” is what your company desires and deserves for top quality calendar printing!

Contact PRC Book Printing to provide a quote, offer binding and paper needs to produce your calendar. We are an overseas printing company with a minimum production of 1500-2000 for you to see cost effective pricing!  Contact us now email or telephone us at 888.659.8320.