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Do people still need printed calendars?

Do people still need printed calendars?

The wall/pocket calendar is still a popular asset to planning your agendas, counting down the days before that holiday with the family or final days until beach time!  People state they love their digital calendars, but really what would happen if you can’t view due to a virus on the computer or your phone battery runs out and you’re unable to check that important appointment?  This is why there is still a desire for print calendars.  Calendars are affordable way to spruce up your home or officewith the different photographs and it’s always in front of you.

There are many ways of binding your calendar project.  You can produce a monthly wall calendar, a pocket calendar (great to throw in a handbag), desk top calendar flipping each month, spiral bound calendar and much more!

What a better way for advertising than by printing a calendar with your business logo to give to your clients and have your contact information everyday in their face, to provide new or continued business.

For fun how do other countries spell calendar: Sweden, Germany& Dutch: kalendar, Poland: kalendarz ,Spain: calendario, Italy: calendario, France:calendrier however you spell it we can produce several types of calendars in any language!

PRC Book Printing produces wall calendars, desk calendars, engagement books, large-format pieces with rich photography, monthly and daily varieties, large office desktop pads, organizer inserts and other styles and formats. Shrink wrap to seal the yearly treasure!

Calendar printing overseas can offer competitive pricing for four color printing with excellent print quality!  Why settle for “good” when “FANTASTIC” is what your company desires and deserves for top quality calendar printing!

Contact PRC Book Printing to provide a quote, offer binding and paper needs to produce your calendar. We are an overseas printing company with a minimum production of 1500-2000 for you to see cost effective pricing!  Contact us now email or telephone us at 888.659.8320.