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Saving money with PRC Book Printing requiring hand work book production

Saving money with PRC Book Printing

Requiring hand work book production

How can you save money when your book production is requiring specialty hand work needs? What is the term “hand work” in reference to book binding?  Hand work means that human hands are need to complete a project, in other words, the work could not be finished by a machine.  The hand work needs in book finishing  may refer to packaging, die-cutting, shrink wrapping…Generally when human hands are required for a book project it will take longer and workers will need to be compensated, so it’s natural for the cost of the book will increase costs.

Usually, this type of specialty (manual work) is in children’s book printing.  Board book printing is the highest requirement in hand work requests.  Publishers request die-cut the book into a shape, a lift-the-flap books, insert of fuzzy, slick, rough material describing the story line.  These are examples of hand work projects.

A popular book “What Time is It” by Learning Wood, LLC, the wooden clock is inserted into the board book with an added feature is the plastic moveable hour and minute hands this is a prime example of hand work construction.  This is a great learning tool for the little clock learners.

Embossing on a hard cover book printing, children book printing, perfect bound book printing is also considered a hand work assembly.

Having these special novelties added to your book will require the manual labor; this is where PRC Book Printing can offer you competitive pricing printing from China is where you will see these hand work requirements affordable.

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Train the brains by using flash cards

Train the brains by using flash cards

They say the best way to learn facts is by repetition and drilling yourself in the material. Flash cards are an effective tool for memorizing a variety of facts to memory.

Some people learn best by hearing information, while others are visual learners. Flash cards cater to both learning styles. For instance, visual learners see the information they need to recall on flash cards, whether in an image or a word or two. Meanwhile, auditory learners can assimilate the flash card information as it is being read aloud or as they offer a response to a flash card.

Flash cards are typically small or large with single or durable pieces of paper (card stock) depending on thickness. Words, numbers or pictures can be printed on the card which is the learning tool of school-aged children and even adults.  However, PRC Book Printing can offer pretty much many options to the size and shape of the flash cards. Since producing flash cards / playing cards are done by die-cutting the shape is almost up to you.

What specifications are needed when creating your learning instrument?

What size are the cards?  Will the cards be 4 color on one side or two sides? Will the one side of the card be the exact print throughout the print run (this can save you some $$$)? What type of coating do you want to be applied to the cards varnish, lamination or UV?  Are both sides of the cards; have this coating?  What type of edges will be on the card around or squared (this will consist of die-cutting-see our board book printing page to view die-cutting examples)?  What about a simple box to hold the cards? Do you want to incorporate a tray into your design for larger boxes to hold the cards in place?  Do you want thumb nails on your tray to make it easier to access the cards from the tray?

PRC book printing is here to assist you on quoting your project and provide you with the many options for producing your flash cards and playing cards projects.  Please be mindful when printing overseas minimum quantity order starts around 4000 to 5000 depending on the design.

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