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Choosing cloth for your hard cover book

Choosing cloth for your hard cover book

Cloth cover binding was not readily accepted at first in the early 19th century but by the end of the century it became the norm.

When designing your hard cover book overseas a lot of US client’s choose their fabrics, paper and leatherette’s from US cloth and paper manufacturers.  Working with an overseas printing manufactures they do not have access to the American swatch book numbers.  That is where PRC Book Printing outstanding services comes into play to assist our clients on the many cover options to choose from.  We will hunt down the exact fabric or extremely close too, the fabric you are choosing for your cover design/material.

Now onto the different fabric options to incorporate into your book design: silk, woven fabric, non-woven, coarse, pure and natural linen cloths, cotton, rayon, several textured cloths, all these have several color options to choose.

Majority of cloth cover books have foil stamping, embossing, de-bossing, blind embossing, but I think a lot of people tend to forget you can print on certain fabrics too.  When printing on the fabrics it gives a unique style to the book. There are different grades of fabric.  When quoting with PRC Book Printing you can request, standard, mid-grade or high-grade cloth.  We will send you examples of the different cloth grades and color options for you to review and approve.

People tend to produce their hard cover book printing in China, because the pricing is extremely low which provides the client with more options to save costs.  We are American based so we will provide you with the many options first hand and not sway you in the direction of “you get what you pay for”.  In assents, we are working for you to make sure you get a product that you are very happy with. Check out our samples on our hardcover book printing china Page!

Send us a quote request today, PRC Book Printing will quote your project accurately and provide you with no hidden fees!  Click on our Request a Quote Tab or email us: or simply give us a call at 888.659.8320!