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FSC Paper and FSC Recycled Paper

FSC Paper and FSC Recycled Paper

What is FSC?  FSC /Forest Stewardship Council is a third party certification organization who evaluate those who manage the care of forests. The FSC ensures the sources in their paper aren’t contributing to any of the five most destructive practices in forestry:

  • Illegal logging
  • Natural forest conversion to other land uses
  • The liquidation of high conservation value forests
  • Civil rights violations
  • Genetic modification of forest species

When requesting FSC Certified paper it does NOT mean the paper is being recycled with composed paper, but that it was derived from trees from a well managed forest. Often people are confused that when ordering FSC paper is recycled paper which is not true. However, there is FSC Recycled  paper which is composed of ‘some’ quantity of waste paper — both from paper processing (pre-consumer) and from recycling bins (post-consumer). FSC Recycled product means that a minimum of 85% of the wood fiber content is from post-consumer sources, with a maximum of 15% coming from post-industrial sources.

The designation “recycled” isn’t actually monitored by any third party source like FSC Recycled Paper. When you see the recycling “Mobius loop” it may or may not actually mean that the product is recycled. It is available for anyone to use. This is shocking, right?! Using certified FSC recycled paper, does mean that your paper is both recycled and FSC certified.

Often folks are confused about the difference between FSC paper and FSC recycled paper. I hope what we just discussed helped clarify your confusion.  Either using FSC paper or FSC  recycled paper, you are at least not adding to the landfills or harming ecosystems during the logging process.

PRC Book Printing has its certification to use and print with FSC paper and FSC Recycled paper. This certification is not easy to come by and we are very proud that we are one of few printing companies in China that can say we are certified. Knowing that we are helping rather than harming the ecosystems is great.

Using FSC paper it is not limited to hard cover or soft cover books. The quality is just as superior as regular paper, however the price is a little more.

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