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What is Resolution?

What is Resolution?

The resolution is the number of pixels or dots per inch (ppi/dpi).  The higher the resolution, the more detail is stored for the graphic, meaning the higher the resolution the higher the quality, but also the file is larger.

The most common setting for computer monitors is 72 dpi, this setting is intended for web-based or other on-screen projects.

For low end printing the normal resolution is 150 dpi, which is usually used for interior of black and white text, which do not have CMYK photos.  Example: reading novels.

For the high end, professional, photographs for great quality the resolution should be set to 300 dpi or higher.  Usually set for hard cover, case bound, photography books, cook books, children’s books, desiring sharp and clear images.

PRC Book Printing recommends for our 4 color process printing images should be no less than 300 dpi.  Please see an example instructions how to review the resolution of your image in PhotoShop:

Pull down the Image Menu and select Image Size:


Please note you cannot change a 72 dpi graphic to a higher resolution.

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